Website Design

Whether you're a new business that wants to create a strong online presence, or an existing business that needs an online refresh, we can tailor your website to meet your specific needs and requirements.

We can help to create your businesses identity by building or expanding upon an existing brand, with clear, fresh and thorough ideas, we can create the perfect online identify for you business.

By understanding your business and goals we can help you to achieve the best results for your company and online presence.

Website Development

We hand code each and every website in-house (no outsourcing here!) we ensure each site is built to W3C specifications and is written in standards compliant code.

Our dedicated web team will take care of every part of the process including web design, development, testing and support, this ensures we can provide a high level of service and ensure that each and every site or application we produce meets our own incredibly high standards.

We can then reinforce your new websites design and increase your online presence with: social media, online content marketing, web optimisation, SEO, search engine marketing and a responsive design (for smartphone and tablets etc.)

We can also offer the following services:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Online marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Mobile development

Website Hosting

Many of our customers prefer to have all of their IT and digital services managed by one provider, we can offer the complete package by also managing and maintaining your website, including hosting and domain management. Meaning you’ll never have to worry about renewing domains, SSL’s or hosting plans.

We can take care of:

  • Website hosting
  • Website migration
  • Purchasing & renewing domains
  • Preventing website downtime
  • SSL management

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS’s) are tools which enable you to you to build Websites and powerful online applications, including: E-commerce, blogs, business websites and much more.

Here at Communicate, we are strong believers that there is no “best” CMS, we believe that each different platform has great advantages for each individual user, therefore we never recommend the same CMS to all clients, we prefer to discuss the needs and requirements of each client and advise them on which CMS is best for their needs.

With all CMS platforms we can offer:

  • Custom themes, designs & layouts
  • Setup & configuration of CMS
  • Configuration of add-ons & extensions
  • Training to use the system
  • On-going support

Our developers have experience with all of the major CMS’s including (but not limited to):