Our hosted Avaya™ telephone systems deliver an unrivalled level of flexibility for telecoms, unified communications capabilities.

Handsets can be connected and numbers assigned rapidly and can either be linked to the hosted Communicate Avaya platform or your own telecoms system, if the office is being set up as a branch office to your main site.

What this means for you:

  • You do not have the expense of installing your own telephone system, you can connect to ours. We provide the handsets as well as direct dial numbers at a flexible low monthly rental cost
  • You gain either a hosted or onsite VoIP solution which provides greater functionality than a traditional telephone system including, voicemail, caller ID, call queuing, hold (including music), transfer and forward, call recording, conference calling and conference phones, hot desking and remote working (provided internet connection available)

Call routing and call centre services

We take care of your telecoms, helping to create the right impression by capturing every call, connecting people, getting your callers to the right person each time; keeping your customers happy.

Whether you are a large or small organisation, we can help create a wider geographic presence both in the UK and overseas.

We have our own dedicated SIP telecom platform which allows you to connect and route calls around the world.

We route over 2 million mission critical minutes per month to more than 500 clients – one of which is the world’s largest international travel insurance company with over 2,000 lines across 46 countries.

With this in mind, we have an inbuilt Disaster Recovery solution which automatically routes calls via an alternative carrier should a network fault be detected. Also, if an issue arises on your own equipment, you have the option to route calls to up to 4 additional destinations.

We can offer you bespoke telephony solutions tailored to your business needs:

  • International numbers in over 60 countries
  • UK numbers in almost every town and city
  • Time of day/day of week routing
  • Call routing to any landline or mobile worldwide
  • Call management including virtual voicemail, virtual receptionist, interactive voice recognition (IVR) in 8 languages, and call recording

Virtual Numbers

Landline to Mobile

On the move, stay connected with our landline to mobile numbers.

Landline to Mobile is a great way to promote your business without a long-term contract, fixed line installation, or the need for any equipment. Perfect for small businesses and start-ups.

Simply choose your new landline to mobile number from our range of geographic and non-geographic numbers. Choose where you want to route your calls to allowing you full flexibility, change the destination as often as you wish using our on-line portal.

What this means for you:

  • Separate your personal and business calls
  • Take your business calls on your mobile
  • Use your existing number or select a new number from our wide range of area codes
  • Any call charges incurred will be billed monthly in arrears

Pricing from £7.95 per month*

Call diversion charges are as follows:
Divert to UK Mobiles = 6p per minute
Divert to UK Landlines = 1.1p per minute

Landline to Mobile Bundle

Landline to Mobile Bundles are a great way for you to control your costs when setting up a new telephone number for your business. No hidden costs and no long-term contract.

Choose your new number from our wide range of geographic and non-geographic numbers, choose your bundle enabling you full flexibility, change the destination as often as you wish using our on-line portal.

What this means for you:

  • Choose your telephone number (wide range of UK area codes available)
  • Choose your minutes, between 100 and 1000
  • Easily upgrade/change your package

Bundle Pricing:

  • 100 inclusive minutes £4.95 per month* **
  • 200 inclusive minutes £5.95 per month * **
  • 300 inclusive minutes £6.95 per month * **
  • 400 inclusive minutes £7.95 per month * **
  • 500 inclusive minutes £8.95 per month * **
  • 1000 inclusive minutes £9.95 per month * **

* A one off set up fee of £4.95will be applied to your first payment
** Additional minutes outside of the inclusive minutes will be charged at the Landline to Mobile pence per minute as stated above

International Numbers

Choose an International Number for your business with over 4,000 destinations available worldwide.

International Numbers allow you to reach out to a much wider range of potential customers and create a localised presence in the countries of your choice.

What this means for you:

  • Time of day routing; route calls to separate countries through different time zones
  • Test your International target market
  • No long-term contract, all we ask is for 90 days notice
  • Call charges incurred will be billed monthly in arrears

Please contact us for pricing

Call Management

Virtual Receptionist

First impressions count, we can ensure your calls are answered by a live Virtual Receptionist.

When you or your team are unavailable calls can be diverted to our professionally trained Receptionist. A member of our professionally trained Receptionist Team will answer calls on your behalf as per your script and work as an extension of your business, answering calls in your company name with instant email/SMS notification of messages.

What this means for you:

  • You have call cover during office hours, 24 hours, or as an overflow in busy periods
  • Your callers never have their calls unanswered
  • You instantly receive notification of the message
  • A perfect solution for holiday/sickness cover
  • You create a personal company profile with a bespoke script
  • Any call charges incurred will be billed monthly in arrears*
* Sign up for a minimum of 30 days.

Standard hours call charges 95p per minute (per second billing)
Out of hours call charges £1.30 per minute (per second billing)
Standard Receptionist – 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm Saturday
24/7 Receptionist - £20 set up, £35 per month

Voicemail to Email

Business class Voicemail with unlimited messages, online management and notifications via email and SMS.

Add Virtual Voicemail to your existing number or choose a new number from one from our range of geographic and non-geographic numbers. When callers dial your number, they are greeted with a professionally recorded message scripted by you.

What this means for you:

  • You receive instant Email and SMS notification of new messages
  • You can retrieve your voicemail instantly in an email or dial in over the phone
  • Your messages are protected with a secure PIN code
  • Use as an announcement service to inform your callers of important information
  • Any call charges incurred will be billed monthly in arrears

Calls are charged at 1.1p per minute
£4.95 set up
£2.95 per month

Speech Recognition

Control your telephone system using only the power of speech.

Speech Recognition IVR’s allow callers to interact with a company’s telephone system by using their voice to navigate to the right department, rather than a telephone keypad.

These multi-lingual systems are being used worldwide by medical, education, government and legal organisations to help simplify the callers experience and manage repetitive tasks.

A Hosted Speech Recognition solution enables you to provide an excellent customer service experience and improve your call handling rate, for example:

  • Callers can have faster access to information
  • Automated systems are often unpopular with customers due to long menus
  • Ability to avoid complex menu systems by simply saying which department you wish to speak to
  • Enables callers to select options whilst on the move, for example, whilst driving hands free
  • Callers often do not need, or wish to speak to a live operator
  • Allows callers to communicate using the most natural method – speech
  • IVR system can be as simple or as complex as you wish

Using the industry’s highest recognition accuracy, we can create a more satisfying interaction with your customer.

What this means for you:

  • Speech Recognition creates a professional business image whilst enabling you to work faster and more efficiently
  • Customise language and vocabulary
  • Calls are filtered according to requirements by speaking just one word
  • Fully hosted solution
  • Create more satisfying self-service communications
  • Save time and money by automating calls
  • Bespoke solutions to suit your requirements
  • Empower employees with disabilities
  • Pricing depends upon complexity of the system

Please contact us for pricing


Guide your callers to the correct destination with easy to use menu systems and flexible call routing options.

For your customers, having their call answered by the right person is always important. Requests often need to be dealt with by a specific person or department.

Our bespoke IVR services allow you to create a unique, interactive menu system to guide your customers to the right place.

Whether you require a simple menu system or a more complex call routing solution, our IVR technology can be built as a bespoke solution to suit your business needs.

What this means for you:

  • Multi layered menu options (IVR only)
  • Time of day / day of week routing provides around the clock availability
  • Create the image of a large organisation
  • Professionally recorded welcome message and menus
  • Audio playback allows callers to just hear important messages freeing up agents’ time
  • Flexible routing with online control
  • Any call charges incurred will be billed monthly in arrears

Pricing starts from as little as £7.95. Please contact us for pricing

Call Recording

Record inbound and outbound calls and access your recordings on demand

Recording your calls can be useful for record keeping, staff training and to help resolve problems such as inaccurate order taking, lost delivery details and pricing disputes with customers or suppliers.

You choose your new call recording number from our range of geographic and non-geographic numbers.
Choose to record the whole call or use the on-demand feature, you control which part of the call to record.

Receive the recording directly via email, or access and download through our online portal.

What this means for you:

  • Recording inbound calls, outbound calls or both
  • Use as a dictation service
  • Record the whole call or choose the parts you feel are important with the stop and start feature
  • Instant access to your recordings online or have them straight to your email inbox
  • Optional announcement advising your callers that the call may be recorded (inbound calls only)
  • Any call charges incurred will be billed monthly in arrears

Calls are charged at 1.1p per minute to UK landline and 6p per minute to UK mobile.
Inbound Call Recording – Set up £4.95, monthly subscription £4.95
Outbound Call Recording - Set up £4.95, monthly subscription £4.95
Inbound & Outbound – Set up £7.95, monthly subscription £7.95


Mobiles - SIM Only

We offer SIM only contracts, together with mobile handsets and tablets for rent, for a monthly cost meaning you need not sign a long-term contract with a mobile phone provider, you have the freedom to add and remove numbers and handsets as and when to suit your business requirements.

Put our mobile offer together with our telephone services, and it means that we can offer you a combined mobile and landline package for a fixed monthly cost including all your calls.

For further information or to discuss your requirements please get in touch

Strongest Signal SIM

Poor signal? Mobile blackspots? Unreliable coverage? Work in remote locations?

Strongest Signal SIM combines the power of the UK’s three leading mobile networks giving optimal coverage for those who need it most.

MTPAS can be enabled for emergency services when networks are shut down allowing you to remain contactable at all times.

Maximise your signal from just £5.95 a month by combining the power of 3 major UK networks in a single SIM.