Our non-destructive scan is designed to emulate what hackers do

Our scan is designed to emulate what hackers and script kiddies (people who use existing computer codes/scripts to hack as they don’t have their own expertise to write their own code/script) do, and shows you what they see when they look at your web-facing systems. Remember that every hacker in the world can most likely see your web facing systems.

As a penetration testing (ethical hacking) company that monitors and manages hundreds of client networks, we know how hackers work. We also know what tools hackers use too. We make use of these same tools to safely replicate what they do and give you a report to show how to remediate the issues we find.

66% of organisations are not following industry standard baselines for security hygiene

Over 40% of organisations are not scanning for vulnerabilities weekly

85% of breaches in 2017 used known vulnerabilities a scan would pick up

Our Managed Vulnerability Scanning service is fully managed and offers daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly scans to suit you and your budget.

Many of our clients also use the service for ad-hoc scans, for example when they have made changes to their web facing systems and need a one-off scan urgently.

Automated tools that cannot be configured for your specific environment are never as good as tools which need tuning and tweaking. We do all this for you as part of the service to ensure you don’t have missed issues.

Our reporting shows issues including software flaws, missing patches, malware and misconfigurations across a variety of operating systems, devices and applications.