Helping you maximise the value of your firewall investment

Cyber Security is a must-have for all businesses, from the smallest SMB to the most complex enterprise.

Our managed firewall service includes guidance, administration, monitoring and maintenance of firewall infrastructure. This frees up your staff for the more important jobs which are often missed, such as patching and securing your web facing systems.

Cyber attacks are at an all-time high and are showing no signs of slowing down. Cyber criminals have moved from traditional targeting of large companies toward small-midsize businesses as they know many of these do not have dedicated Cyber Security teams or managed services companies.

By using our managed services, it is possible to avoid falling victim to these malicious cyber attacks.

Keeping our costs as low as possible, we incorporate cutting-edge next generation security solutions into our fully managed services to give you the best security protection layers. This means that you get monitored and protected 24/7/365 without the cost of employing additional personnel.

In addition to our managed services, we also offer our clients hardware leasing options, with auto-hardware renewal after 3 years.

Our expertise:

  • We have over 8 years’ experience of managing client networks end to end, with firewalling being a part of these installations
  • We have in-house certified experienced security experts here in the UK
  • We monitor and respond 24/7/365 days a year to over 600 clients globally, so we can fix bugs and vulnerabilities while you sleep