Antivirus software, or anti-virus software (“AV”), is a computer program used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software (also known as malware) that has been specifically designed to disrupt, harm or gain unauthorised access to a device or computer system.

AV software plays an important role in keeping a device safe and secure from malicious threats and vulnerabilities. However, AV software is just one layer of the Cyber Security onion.

Finding the right provider means speaking with an expert who understands all the additional Cyber features you need around AV as many providers offer these as a package or even as free additions.

In addition, you need to consider aftersales support should you have an issue, and this is where many companies fail.

An estimated 25% of PCs are not protected with AV software and our Consultants estimate that over 50% of systems the team test do not have up to date AV software.

Choosing the right AV

We can help you choose the right technology based on your budget, needs and specific requirements, whilst ensuring you don’t end up in a support loop, should a problem arise, and stepping in should you need us to.

Ensuring your AV is right for you

Advancements in AV means that being reliant on a technology you have used for many years may not be enough.

Many technologies now use advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other revolutionary technologies. This means certain providers can anticipate, detect and instantly block even the newest threats anywhere in the world.

Make sure your current AV provision is still right for you and your business by speaking to one of our team.

Managing your AV

As an alternative to the above services, we can take away all the time and hassle of you managing your AV provision. We have a fully managed AV solution which is looked after by our UK-based Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Speak with one of our team to learn more.