An IT Health Check, which is part of the Public Services Network (PSN) Code of Conduct (CoCo) compliance, aims to provide a level of assurance that networks containing PSN devices are secure.

Many companies offer fixed price IT Health Checks, which can cause issues when audited due to the generic nature of these pre-packaged services and means that often further testing is required to meet the requirements set out within the PSN documentation. As part of our service, we visit and scope the work required followed by a Lead CREST tester approving the scope of work before a proposal is sent.

We offer 2 levels of testing:-

  • Silver – meeting the requirements of IT Health Check
  • Gold – exceeding in the requirements but test areas outside of scope to give you assurance on your overall Cyber Security. This could include Public Wi-Fi testing, phishing tests and many more optional components.

Getting the scope of an IT Health Check right is one of the most important aspects in ensuring that it is a worthwhile exercise and provides you with the correct level of assurance.

Our IT Health Checks undertake an analysis of your chosen scope, with guidance from our testing team leader to identify vulnerabilities which may compromise the Confidentiality, Integrity or Availability.