Many hashtags trend daily and, looking at our Twitter feed today, none more than #MondayMotivation.

Our #MondayMotivation took a great upward hit when we opened the post to find a lovely letter from one of our newest clients, HMY Group.

It was from their IT Manager, Mark McDonald, and was entitled “Great Customer Service”. It read:

“I am writing this letter as a personal thanks for the excellent service received from Communicate Technology for the help received as a new tenant…”

It went on to personally thank one of our engineers, Andrew Archibald, who’d helped them to set up their IT provision when they’d moved onto one of our managed sites. Andrew had ensured that the client’s requirements were fully catered for and fully managed. He had also saved them from having to employ an on-site engineer throughout their IT migration, as he’d stepped in and fulfilled that role on their behalf.

The letter continued: “A special ‘thank you’ mention also please for the rest of the team at Communicate Technology as there are usually many others working behind the scenes.

“I would be grateful if you could pass on my sincere thanks once again to all personnel involved… Keep up the good work.”

Efforts are company-wide, and we have a full team of unsung heroes working hard behind scenes to ensure all runs smoothly for our engagements.

It was a lovely note and certainly very motivational, and warming, to know our service and efforts are much appreciated. Letters seemingly are a less fashionable way to say ‘thank you’, but this was a very welcome and refreshing note to receive and, because they’re a rarity, it had more impact in hard-copy.

We are very proud of all of our team, from engineers to apprentices, accounts to management, and it is welcome to hear that their skills and support are appreciated and valued beyond our walls.

Thank you Mark and HMY Group for your very kind words and for taking the time out to thank Andrew and the extended Communicate team personally - it’s nice to be appreciated - we’re feeling pretty motivated right now.

Happy Monday all and #StayMotivated!