My relaxing Friday evening was rather interrupted last week by an email titled ‘Important information about your personal data’, landing in my personal inbox.

At first, I was unconcerned thinking it was a general scam or phishing email but, on reading further, I realised that a recent service, online currency, I’d accessed from a company had been compromised.

Potentially my name, email, postal address, phone number and indeed date of birth, could have been accessed by hackers, following an ‘unauthorised access to IT Systems’.

Thankfully (although this still does not alleviate all my worries) “no bank account or card details are stored and therefore they are not at risk”.

Little comfort that, without any fault of my own, I could now potentially be a victim of Cyber Crime and, somewhere in the wider world my, and countless others, personal details will no doubt be being traded.

Ramsdens’ breach is now in the public press and, no doubt, will have an effect on the bourgeoning brand, who floated on the stock market only a few months ago.

If it can happen to the big boys, it can happen to any of us in business.

Whilst these kinds of attacks are becoming more common, there are small changes which businesses can make to help their systems less likely to be breached.

If you have concerns or questions about your cyber-security needs, please do get in touch for a no obligation chat on how we can help you prevent attacks hurting your business!

By Emily Bentley