Case Study: Your simPal

Your simPal is a registered charity that supports those living with cancer by providing free prepaid sim cards and mobiles (where appropriate). The sim cards provisioned provide free calls/texts and data, allowing the user to keep connected with health care professionals, loved ones and family during difficult times. Their aim is to prevent loneliness, social isolation and to help ease cancer poverty.


Your simPal, and sister company C4C mobile, are based at one of our managed parks, Discovery Park in Kent. We first met when they moved onto the park five years ago. We listened to who they were, what they did, the amazing services they provide to some of the most vulnerable people in society, and the services they needed to take from us to provide that professional support.

Services Used

  • High speed internet connectivity – shared provision
  • Telecoms – landline and call routing
  • Hardware – headsets and handsets


We took the view that, due to their great work and charitable status, we would sponsor some of their services.

This has enabled Your simPal to divert the monies they would have spent back into the charity. The saved income has enabled the charity to connect more people, pay for call running costs, staff, or funding mobile phones.

What the client said

Managing Director, Blair Papworth, said:

“We love working with the Communicate team, their values really align with ours and everyone is really friendly and helpful. We’ve used the sponsorship to put that money back into the charity to cover various costs. At least an additional two people can access our services every six months because of the support Communicate gives us; our SIMs have been recognised as vital lifelines.

Communicate also donated a couple of headsets for our application team which has made their lives a lot easier - great for call management and allows us to work through long hours without any neck ache!

We know all the team and find it very easy to contact them and to pop in – they get jobs done swiftly and efficiently. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Communicate in the future to help us and help our clients.”

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