Case Study: Discovery Park

Discovery Park is a vast complex of high quality office space created on the site of the former Pfizer facility in Kent. Extending across multiple buildings, Discovery Park is aimed at high-quality start ups and established mid-size enterprises.


Communicate was asked to investigate the potential of delivering a technology portfolio that would appeal to potential tenants.

The companies the site is aimed at typically have minimal in-house support and from experience, the provision of technology services is often one of their main concerns when they’re considering an office move.

The decision to move can be swayed by the speed of technology availability and the subsequent quality of service experienced.

Phase one: Installation of infrastructure

Whilst an exciting project, the sheer size of Discovery Park meant that initial design was going to be critical to the long-term success.

The first step was to install dedicated high-speed internet access to the core of the site that would support the first phase of development and allow for the capacity to double as more clients were attracted to the site.

In parallel the cat6 cabling infrastructure was redesigned throughout the site to optimise access for the new type of client that would be occupying Discovery Park.

Phase two: Demonstration and support centre

With the core access available to new clients, the second phase of the project was to establish a Communicate demonstration and support centre in the heart of the main building.

Here the full range of Communicate’s capabilities are on show, including telecoms, internet, cyber security, cloud services and hardware and software. New clients use the facility to discuss and design the best technology for their business and current clients gain access to qualified technical staff to solve problems quickly.

What the client said

Max Hunter from Discovery Park said:

“Discovery Park has been a tremendous success with over 130 clients moving in over the last three years and many more lined up as we go through this year.

“Communicate has worked with each to assist with their move to the site and deliver one or more services from their technology portfolio.”

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